• 2013 Cadillac XTS

  • Cadillac has confirmed that it will introduce a new large luxury sedan in spring of 2012, a car that was previewed at the 2010 Detroit auto show by the XTS Platinum concept. Now we have learned that said flagship sedan will have a name, also previewed by the XTS Platinum concept (sans the Platinum and concept parts). There had been some thought that the XTS might be dubbed ETS for production, but GM apparently doesn’t believe ETS fits the big car as well as XTS.
    Another term GM is not assigning to this car is the word “flagship.” Despite its larger-than-CTS size, the XTS will not go after the Mercedes-Benz S-class, Lexus LS and the like (Cadillac has plans for a proper rear-wheel-drive flagship for 2014 or 2015). Rather, the XTS will shamelessly target traditional Cadillac buyers, mainly aging boomers (i.e.: those who, unlike us, miss the old front-wheel-drive DTS) and probably a few livery operators as well.

    But these traditional buyers will have to adapt to a decidedly non-traditional interior. As we noted when we published spy photos of the XTS earlier this year, the XTS’s dashboard will be devoid of traditional switchgear and rely heavily on capacitive-touch controls, much like the Chevrolet Volt and Lincoln MKX. Buyers also will have to be content with the XTS’s planned V-6 and possible hybrid powertrains.

    We predict the XTS’s packaging will sell well here, although an even more important market for the XTS is China. Given that country’s proclivities toward glitzy grilles and high-tech luxury, there’s a good chance that the XTS finds its largest market in Asia.

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