• Top 10 Banks In The World

  • Some banks are trustworthy while others exist just to confuse you and make money off you. The following are reliable and have great credibility.

    1       Citibank

    Citibank came into being during the 1800s in New York City. It is undoubtedly the best bank in the world and has a lot of financial clout as well. A country is not completely developed if this bank cannot be found almost at every corner! It has recently opened branches in Philadelphia, Washington and Boston.

    2       JP Morgan Chase

    JP Morgan Chase is even older than Citibank and has assets that amount to about 2 trillion dollars. The bank is a favorite amongst clients from different walks of life, be it government officials, business tycoons or the common man. They are widely celebrated for their credit card services as well as their reliability as far as commercial banking is concerned.

    3       HSBC

    HSBC was established about 20 years back and has had its headquarters in England ever since. Forbes declared it to be among the largest banks and companies in the world last year. HSBC is popular in Asia wherein its investments activities are particularly impressive.

    4       Bank of America

    As far as market capitalization is concerned; this bank is among the largest in the world. It can be found in over 120 countries and thanks to Merrill Lynch, it has also started getting recognized for its investment services. Its rivals include Wells Fargo and Citigroup.

    5       Credit Agricole Group

    Credit Agricole Group is based in France and is known for its retail banking services. Europe considers it to be among the largest in this financial filed and because it focuses on the importance of keeping the planet clean and green, it has managed to create a loyal customer base for itself.

    6       Royal Bank of Scotland

    The Royal Bank of Scotland maintains and operates its retail banking services mainly in Scotland wherein they have over 650 branches. Contrary to popular belief, The Royal Bank of Scotland is not related to the Bank of Scotland, a financial institution that was established much before this one.

    7       Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group

    Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group has its headquarters in Japan and boasts assets of about 1.8 trillion dollars. Because it merged with another well-known banking company, their success rate has soared even though the entire process took a little too long.

    8       Mizuho Financial Group

    Mizuho Financial Group is based in Tokyo and has about 1.40 trillion dollars in terms of assets. Their holdings are large enough to make them the largest banking group in the country and within the top 10 in the world. It offers the usual banking services along with consultancy checks. About 70,000 people work for them.

    9       HBOSCitibank

    Owned by Lloyds Banking Group, this company is dependable because its insurance department has proved itself time and again. It came into being in 2001 and started being recognized as one of the largest in UK. Not many people know what HBOS stands for but it could be Halifax Bank of Scotland.

    10       BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas operates from London and Paris at the same time. Forbes says it is among the top 20 largest companies on a global level. BNP Paribas also has stocks in many banks all over the world and is said to be the strongest. They got out of a major financial crunch during the current economic meltdown.

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