• Top 10 Lies Women Tell

  • Although men are good at lies, women are no different. In some categories they top and master the knack of lying, better than men. Many men should be skillful at reading between lines and reading body language when here the following 10 phrases (clear throat: lies) women say (clear throat: tell).

    1        I am not mad at you

    Usually when women feel ashamed of their men, they are not always ready to approach them. They would use this phrase to tell their male affectionate they are not mad at them. However, when they reciprocate with something that they do wrong, they are quick to point out the wrongs of men. If women were not mad at their male affectionate, they would not bring up the past.

    2        I want you badly

    There are cruel women out there who love to take advantage of men and enjoy taunting and laughing at others who are not perfect. Knowing they are not interested they go an extra way to humiliate someone by blowing in their ear, rubbing against them and worst of all whispering the phrase, “I want you badly”. One thing men should realize is that if they never call you back the day after, the whole thing was a show.

    3        This is my phone number

    A year ago a friend of mine showed me the cool tricks one could pull off with a rejection hotline. If a male calls this number, it usually means that the woman giving him the number is not interested. Women sometimes just don’t have decency to tell them that or are too shy. When a man calls the rejection hotline, an Indian person picks up the phone and says that the number reached has been outsourced to India.

    4        I want you to go to the party

    Sometimes men like to spend time with their buddies, going drinking and clubbing and without their girlfriend or wife. Many use this phrase as a form of sarcasm to see if the male affectionate will take her into consideration. Sometimes women hope that their men will read between the lips and stay.

    5        I weigh….

    Like men, women try to conceal their weight. Many have major concerns about stretch marks, belly fat and large behinds. When a woman has gained a weight it usually begins to show around the stomach and around the buttocks area. It is a sensitive topic for them and as such, women will not always be ready to admit they are a certain weight.

    6       I am…..years old

    Usually more women than men go after an opposite sex older than them. They obtain fake id to gain access to night clubs where they try to pick up or gain the attention of a possible male affectionate who is obviously older then them. Many other women are also sensitive to age as they get older. Similar to men, they do not want their date to know that they are over the age of 40. It usually makes them feel too old and less wanted.

    7        Sex

    Women have a skill for hiding and concealing what they don’t like when it comes to sex. Men need to rely on body language and the tone of a woman’s voice after the occurrence to understand the woman’s emotions. When women say they enjoyed sex, they usually mean the opposite. Unlike with men, there is no physical evidence that shows they were happy or not happy…unless she is agitated and throwing you out of the house.

    8        One Minute

    How many men have heard this before? 1 minute is never enough for a woman to get ready. Try timing her to see whether she is able to meet you and be ready in one minute. It’s a lie women use very often to stipulate that they need more time. Men should not keep bother women when they keep saying one minute. It could turn into a blow-up which men do not want.

    9        I don’t know…

    Sometimes women do not want to tell you the whole story. They also are not always ready to handle a man’s questions. They may be busy doing other things or talking on the phone. When someone interrupts them, they say this phrase to fend off their intruder. This usually is not an indication that they have no answer.

    10        It was on sale

    Those who overspend never admit that they did so. Their husbands or boyfriends hardly understand the quality of what women buy. Women say this phrase to get their male affectionate off their backs about overspending. Men should always ask for a receipt to have concrete proof.

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