• Food and Beverage in Afghanistan

  • Afghan cuisine is like other eastern cuisines – rich and old. But, according to the climate differences, it is not as variable as, for example, Armenian. Anyway, the food there is tasty and nutritious. All the dishes are the same like in other Asian countries, but the technology is national and very different.

    That is a contemporary cafeteria in Afghanistan. There you may taste the national cuisine. Afghan cooks can be proud of Shami Kebab, Tas Kebab and many kinds of pilaf. The best pilafs are Kabuli-Pilau and Pilau-e-Shahi (King Pilaf). Also, the Afghan culinary tradition is very tolerant in replacing meat in pilaf. You can change lamb in the meal with every kind of meat, except pork. Yeah, the country is Muslim.

    It is impossible to imagine Afghanistan cuisine without tea.People in that country always drink tea – for every meal and without. The amounts of tea drunk is impressive.Poor people do not even have a water supply and sewage, so they wash the dishes in a basin. And they change water on rare occasions.You have to try Afghan Shashlik! It is delicious! They separate meat from fat, and make shashlik of 3 pieces of meat and 1 piece of fat.It looks like that. You have to cover it with bread and eat. The best shashlik ever!

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