• Umer Sharif

  • About Umer Sharif:
    Name : Omer Sharif
    Date of Birth : April 19, 1958
    Place of Birth : Karachi, Pakistan 

    He started his career in 1974, from Karachi. When he started his career, the Karachi stage was a dead media. Within two, three years he established the Karachi stage, without any Government support and through his plays, he delivered a healthy and thoughtful message to the citizens of Karachi. He wrote and spoke in his plays that love your country and your nation. For the first time on audio cassette in 1980, his message was spread all over the world.

    At that time, there was no proper stage auditorium in Karachi and then he converted the cinema halls into state auditorium. From the 1980–1985, Karachi stage was made proper in the whole world. 
    Omer Sharif used the video media in a proper way and he recorded his stage
    "Bakra Qistoon Paey" that was the world's first drama in the history of video drama to be recorded on the video cassette. His drama made a record popularity all over the world.

    1. Two (2) National Awards in 1992 for Mr. 420
    a) Best Director
    b) Best Actor
    •  Ten (10) Nigar Awards. It is a record that in the 40-year's history of Nigar Award, none of the Pakistani Actor got Four (4) Nigar Awards in 1 Year.
    •  Three (3) Graduate Awards
    •  Best Drama Writer
    •  Best Actor
    •  Best Director
    •  Four (4) Awami Awards
    •  Stage Best Actor in 1984
    •  Stage Best Director in 1988
    •  Cassette Melody Awards
    •  Best Award for Hat trick in Audio Cassettes
    •  One (1) International Emirates Award in Dubai
    •  Fauji Award a) National Defence College Pakistan Shield
    •  Two (2) Bolan Awards
    •  Musavir Awards
    •  Chicago Award in 1992
    •  Award in Los Angeles in 1996
    •  Waheed Murad Award
    •  Trend Changer Award from Karachi in 1993
    •  Lahore Press Club Award for Excellent Performance, 1996
    •  Jang Akhbar Award
    •  Khabrain Award
    •  Sadaaqat News Paper Award
    •  Award from Allama Iqbal Medical College 
    •  It is the first time in the history of Pakistan's film industry that the key of any city is presented to any actor. This honor is given to Mr. Omer Sharif by presenting him the KEY OF KARACHI CITY. 

    He loves his country very much and tells people through his plays and variety shows. He conveys the message of love and peace for his country amongst his nation. He says love your country, your nation, your religion, culture, and traditions and your well-wishers. His every play has a moral at the end, which shows his love and affection towards his country. At every show, he gives a long description about his nation and country. His love towards his country could be imagined when he went to visit India in 1991, he signed nine films over there as an actor and director. When the pure hindu Bal Thakray came to know about his film signing he fired his portrait in front of Dehli Governors House and banned him in India. He loves his country so much that he left those films and came to Pakistan, and he feels proud that he is banned in India.

    He Introduced the Actors
    He introduced lots of Actors, Actress of Stage Plays, Films and Daramas as well as Singer, He introduced to..

    Shazia Manzoor
    (as a singer)

    Jawed Sheikh
    on Stage Plays

    Shakeel Siddiqui

    Saleem Afridi

    Zakir Mastan

    Sikandar Sanam

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