• What’s up with Amazon Kindle?

  • For a number of reasons, the Amazon Kindle is among the hot topics of all the technology blogs these days.First, the Apple-Kindle controversy, and secondly, the Kindle textbooks rental program and a lot of other newly proposed plans and strategies. We’ll talk about all that, right here right now. But first, a quick recap!

    What’s up with Amazon Kindle

    What is Amazon Kindle?

    Amazon Kindle is a longstanding e-books reader developed by Amazon, which is one of the largest online retailing website in the world. Released in late 2007, the first generation Kindle was a massive hit featuring 6” gray scale display and 250 MB internal memory. The third generation Kindle is their latest version, which was released in mid-2010. It is available in Wi-Fi, 3G, or both Wi-Fi+3G models and is priced between $139-$189, depending upon the model of your choice.

    The new-generation Amazon Kindle reader is the fastest-selling Kindle, featuring the new E ink pearl technology display. This technology ensures higher contrast and faster refresh rate than its previous versions. Owned by millions of people around the world, this device is known for giving an enjoyable reading experience to its users by simulating the overall feel of paper-reading.

    Apple-Kindle Issue :
    Recently, Apple enforced a new law on all the e-reader app developers, which asked them to remove any external links from their relative iOS applications. In order to comply with these policy changes, Amazon updated its iPhone and iPad Kindle apps by removing the “Kindle Store” button from the app thatpreviouslyled users to the Kindle store website for purchases and subscriptions.However, users can still access the website directly through browsers and purchase their favorite kindle books just like they did before.

    Apple made these policy changes in order to retain its 30% share it receives from the in-app purchases. It’s an effort to induce people to make purchases from iBooks and not somewhere else. But we are not quite sure, if this move is really going to help Apple and stop people from making smart choices.

    Amazon Kindle

    Kindle Textbooks Rental Service :
    The other great news is about the new service started by Amazon called “Kindle Textbook Rental” program. It’s a great deal for students who are already burdened with so many expensesduring their college life. By renting, students can save up to 80% on their textbooks as compared to the printed editions sold on Amazon.com. Students can choose the rental duration from 30 to 360 days and pay the rent accordingly.

    This plan will not only help boost the rental textbooks sales, but also the Kindle fashion in the campuses. So overall, it’s a win-win situation for both students and the Amazon.

    Whats up with Amazon Kindle

    Other news…
    Along with Amazon Kindle e-books, now you can also enjoy reading newspapers and magazines on your device, as this is another big change Amazon recently made. You can choose to read from over 100 newspapers and magazines, available in the Kindle Store including the Economist, and the New York Times.

    Not only that, users can also share their favorite lines and quotes from their reading through Facebook and Twitter. All the newspapers and magazines are available through monthly subscriptions which includes a free 14-day trial and automatic wireless delivery to the Kindle.

    One last treat!
    You can get a number of Amazon Kindle books for free these days including Delivery, Stealing Jake, Cash Burn, and Reinventing Leona. If you’re into fiction, then you can enjoy reading these books at no cost and no obligation to subscribe or purchase. So download your copy now and keep Kindling!

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