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    Not so long ago, Apple launched the most beloved iPad and all the people went absolutely gaga over it. Reflexively, I also read about its features, specs, and reviews but none of it got me like oh-my-gosh! I’m really not one of those Apple haters, but I think one must always look for a sensible thing to spend their money on. Personally, I wouldn’t fritter away 800 bucks over something, which is fairly similar to my own phone (which doesn’t worth $800 of course!). Rather, I can definitely wait for Microsoft to bring forth its first tablet — the HP Slate.

    Why? Chiefly because of its name. Period. Slate is seriously a way better and justified name for a latest mobile technology. It’s simple yet distinct, and doesn’t sound feminine as well (if you know what I mean). Other than that, Slate is supposed to have Windows 7 and will also run Flash, which is the iPad’s major fatal flaw. It also possesses SD card reader and USB port, unlike the iPad with just a dock connector port. Although a connector is available for “additional” $29, which connects the iPad to a VGA Adapter. Moreover, Slate will include 1.6 GHz Intel processor, two built-in cameras & video recording facility; a great deal as compared to iPad’s 1GHz Apple processor, NO camera, and obviously NO video recording. However, iPad beats Slate for having a slightly larger screen and lighter weight. I wonder who would care about an-inch difference in screen if they’re given a lot of space with no limitations at a cheaper price.

    So my verdict is that the HP slate is undeniably worth the wait. If Apple has sold 3 million iPads in 80 days, then it has disappointed a lot of those buyers as well. Therefore, it’s never too late for Microsoft to launch their Slate even if it’s out in 2011. There have been a lot of news in the air lately about HP killing its Slate project because of the companies’ attainment and increasing concentration towards Palm. The company, on the other hand, have declined to verify all these rumors. So as for now, HP’s most anticipated project of the year still remains a mystery. All we can do is to sit back and watch what’s coming our way!

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